What To Expect After Fort Worth LASIK

What To Expect After Fort Worth LASIK

Fort Worth LASIK surgery may be an elective procedure that most people undergo for cosmetic and convenience reasons, but it is still a medical procedure and like any medical procedure, there will be some side effects. Your LASIK doctor will inform you of these side effects prior to your surgery. Not every side effect will happen to every patient, but if they do occur, it is best to be informed ahead of time rather than be alarmed when and if they happen to you.

You will definitely not see clearly immediately following Fort Worth LASIK eye surgery. Your eyes have just been through a traumatic experience and your vision will be too poor to do much, especially driving. It is best to nap if possible when you get home from your LASIK Fort Worth center and when you wake the next morning, you will see better than you have in years and your glasses will be what causes you to see blurry. Still, your eyes are not yet fully recovered.

In the days and weeks ahead, your eyes will possibly itch and burn and feel generally irritated. Dry eye can easily occur, especially if you suffered from dry eye in the past. Your eyes may feel puffy and watery for weeks, but this is all very normal and should subside over time. Your eyes may also look red and blood shot for a few weeks and it is important to protect them from the sun by using the dark glasses your doctor gave you after your surgery. Also, be sure to use your prescription eye drops as directed to make sure your eyes do not become infected. They can also help combat the dry eye.

There is also a chance you may see “floaties” or haloes for several months following LASIK surgery in Fort Worth. What look like starbursts and glares may appear as well. This is most likely to happen in a very bright room, but they can occur anywhere, so do not be alarmed. These side effects are known to lessen over time and eventually you will forget they even occurred and maybe even forget the days when glasses and/or contact lenses were a regular part of your daily routine. Despite, this if any of the  seemingly normal side effects become too unbearable, do not hesitate to contact your Fort Worth LASIK surgeon immediately to make sure your eyes are recovering as they should.

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