Your Initial LASIK Consultation

Your Initial LASIK Consultation

The first step to undergoing LASIK surgery in Fort Worth is to set up your initial consultation with a LASIK specialist. This consultation will be quite involved and also include a thorough eye examination. The purpose is to learn if you are an ideal candidate for LASIK surgery, and also to familiarize you with the procedure and decide which type of LASIK is right for you.

As mentioned, the first part of this initial appointment is the eye exam. What type of vision problem you have will be noted, as well as the strength of your glasses or contact lens prescription. Nearsightedness and astigmatism are vision problems that easily qualify for Fort Worth LASIK eye surgery, but some farsighted issues may prove to be more difficult to treat. Farsightedness does not rule LASIK out for you, however, and your case will be treated as individual. You will also have a glaucoma test done just like you have for years when visiting the optometrist, as a positive glaucoma outcome can put the kibosh on a Fort Worth LASIK candidacy.

After the exam, the doctor will go over your entire medical history and it is important for you to be as up front and honest as possible. There are some medical conditions that will preclude you from having the procedure done and they include diabetes and having previously suffered from Herpes of the eye. If you are a nursing mom, you will be asked to wait to have Fort Worth LASIK done until after you have weaned. You will also be advised to wait if you plan to have more children as pregnancy can change the shape of the eye and negate any good that LASIK can do.

You will also discuss the cost of the surgery, which generally costs about $800 to $1200 per eye, but can vary depending on the extent of your vision problems and also what kind of Fort Worth LASIK eye surgery package you choose. The price may be steep, but many doctors work with a third party credit company to help finance the cost of the surgery. Payments can be as low as $45 a month. Once you have established that you are indeed an ideal candidate and that you can afford the procedure,  a date for your surgery will be set up. You will be given strict pre and post op instructions that may seem daunting, but they are worth it for the gift of clearer vision than you have had in years.

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