What Is Fort Worth LASIK Surgery All About?

What Is Fort Worth LASIK Surgery All About?

One of the most important thing when deciding whether you are ready for Fort Worth LASIK surgery is learning what LASIK is all about. Technically known as refractive eye surgery, LASIK was approved by the FDA for wide use in the United States and its popularity has just grown ever since, with more than one million people having the procedure performed each year.

LASIK surgery works by correcting refractive vision problems, most commonly myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. By correcting lens shape problems, LASIK surgery in Fort Worth has given countless people a new outlook on life—literally. Although the procedure is indeed a surgery, it is a quick outpatient surgery that is done in about 10 minutes. You will barely be in the surgical room before the entire thing is over and you are sent home. Of course, your vision will be blurry following Fort Worth LASIK so you must have a ride home as it will not be at all safe to drive.

Prior to the surgery, your doctor will help you decide with LASIK procedure is right for you. The most common LASIK in Fort Worth is Wavefront LASIK (also known as Custom LASIK to many). It is custom-designed specifically for your individual eye problems. You will also decide whether you want the procedure performed with or without a blade. Many patients have been choosing bladeless LASIK in recent years, with the procedure being done exclusively with a laser.

Your doctor will also give you a strict set of pre and post-op instructions that you must follow for the best possible outcome. Do not wear any eye makeup or other cosmetic products near the eye the day of the surgery, as well as for several days prior to the surgery. Debris in the eye can make Fort Worth LASIK eye surgery difficult and can also lead to infection. This is why you must also not wear makeup by the eye for about a week after the surgery as well. Have the prescriptions filled that your doctor gives you before the day of your LASIK procedure so you are ready to start taking them immediately. If you are not comfortable with eye drops, close your eye and place the drops on your side. Then, blink the drops in to coat the eye.

That blurry vision immediately following LASIK will be a thing of the past by the next day, as well as constant dependence on glasses and/or contact lenses.

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