Average Cost of LASIK in Fort Worth

Average Cost of LASIK in Fort Worth

The prices for LASIK surgery have continuously increased over the years, and a lot of persons are unsure of the average charge for undergoing LASIK surgery. The climbing prices of LASIK are directly due to the increase in technology and the new forms of surgeries available now. As technology advances, prices change continuously. If you want to do LASIK surgery, your primary concern should not be the cost. You should however, be familiar with the present average cost of LASIK. Even though you may not wish to give much attention to its average costs, facilities where prices are offered far below average should be approached with caution. Consider the fact that you may just get your money’s worth.

The price of LASIK in Fort worth is based on the form of procedure that will be carried out. While there are some surgeries which are not as expensive as others, a few patents are not eligible for those less expensive surgeries because of their astigmatism or myopia level, or due to corneas that are very thin. To determine which form of LASIK surgery you are eligible for, consult with a private ophthalmologist.

The typical procedure for LASIK in which the upper layer of the cornea is slit and folded over with microkeratome blades, it is then shaped using excimer lasers. This normally costs 17 hundred dollars for each eye. The procedure for IntraLASIK, is quite similar to LASIK surgery, except for the fact that a laser for IntraLase is used to eliminate the cornea’s upper layer and not a microkeratome blade. The average cost for LASIK in the nation is about 2300 per eye.

Vision correction procedures using flapless techniques, also called surface abalation, include LASEK, Epi-LASIK, and PRK. Excimer lasers are still used in such procedures for shaping the cornea; however, finer blades are used get rid of epithelia cells fond on the cornea. Such procedures are normally done on patients with corneas that are very thin. This cost on average, 1750 dollars per eye.

Customized treatments for Wavefronts, including Wavefront IntraLASIK, Wavefront Flapless, and Wavefront LASIK, are usually more costly than the other types of LASIK procedures. This is as a result of Wavefront technologies used to customize the eye’s cornea prior to surgery. The average cost for Wavefront Flapless procedures is about 2000 dollars for each eye, $2050 for each eye for Wavefront LASIK, and $2400 dollars for each eye for procedures of Wavefront IntraLASIK.

Remember that the listed prices are just the average for the normal costs of such surgeries for vision correction. Added costs may be incurred for pre-operation exams, post-operation care, transportation, medications, and complications, as well as the astigmatism or myopia level to be corrected. Where the surgery will be taking place, may also add to additional costs for LASIK procedures.

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