Pros and Cos of LASIK vs Contact Lenses

Pros and Cos of LASIK vs Contact Lenses

Surgeons have for years debated about whether or not LASIK and procedures for surgery is more sensible for patients rather than contact lens. A lot of surgeons clearly believe that surgery using laser is quite safe and that it is a better option for many persons than contact lens. However, despite the increasing technological advances and the better results for those who undergo laser surgery, there is still one major fact – contact lenses aren’t as invasive as laser surgery. However, what makes it worthwhile?

Lasers versus Contacts

Many persons think laser surgery is not as safe as contact lenses as they use a non-invasive method for correcting vision. This is not always true, as laser surgery to the eye may really be safer for some patients than contacts, as stated by researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University Casey Eye Institute.

How is this possible? All surgeries have some amount of risks. Complications such as infections, dry eyes and over or under corrections are included in these risks. Luckily, technological advances have reduced the impact of such effects on the patients.

Patients are carefully screened in order to lessen the risk of severe side effects due to LASIK surgery. It is the obligation of the patients to get surgeons who are known for carrying out surgeries that are safe but effective.

However, risks are also involved the wearing of contact lens, although a lot of patients may not know this. For instance, a few patients have gotten infections that are quite serious as a result of wearing contact lenses for lengthened periods of time. In severe cases, loss of vision may be the end result of such infections – at times, even permanent loss of vision.

It can even be argued that loss of vision may also be experienced by patients who undergo LASIK surgery. However, loss of vision suffered by patients after Fort Worth laser eye surgery is extremely rare.

Nonetheless, contacts have been known to shift into the upper eye of people who wear contacts. They had to be removed physically by means of minor surgical procedures. Some persons are more vulnerable to such infections than are others. For instance, bad hygiene can help to develop infections and problems when wearing contacts.

This does not mean contact lenses aren’t a good option for a lot of patients. Many of them are not eligible for undergoing laser surgery. If managed properly, wearing contacts can be very safe. Many risks involved with the earlier and harder type of contacts are reduced with the newer type.

Learning about the two options from an optician is important for patients. Doctor and patient can discuss and decide on what is best – whether laser of LASIK surgery or contact lenses.

Nowadays, persons are wearing contact lenses more than ever before. Over twenty million persons presently wear contacts. Consult with your optician to decide if undergoing laser surgery is the better option for you.

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