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Our Fort Worth LASIK Surgeon Robert Dr. Robert Warren has extensive experience in comprehensive Ophthalmology and is our LASIK and refractive specialist as well as no stitch cataract surgery. He received his Bachelors and Medical Degree at The University of Texas and has been practicing refractive eye surgery since 2002. He completed his residency program at The University of Texas Medical Division, Galveston and is Board Certified in Ophthalmology. Dr. Warren is a proud member of the Texas Ophthalmological Association, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the Texas Medical Association and the American Medical Association.

If you have been thinking about LASIK in Fort Worth Tx, please get in touch with the Fort Worth LASIK Vision Center where we have created an environment centered on our patients, who will feel like family as soon as they walk through the door. We know it is very important that you are kept fully informed with all the relevant information, and at all stages of your LASIK procedure. Every detail will be explained to you as your LASIK Fort Worth doctor will be with you at every stage of your consultations and procedures.

As a leading provider of LASIK surgery in Fort Worth Tx, we take pride in the fact that the procedures we provide greatly improve the lives of our patients with our state of the art vision correction. You will wish that you had the surgery sooner once you have experienced the benefits that eye surgery brings.

Our reputation for having a personalized approach when it comes to laser eye surgery procedure, means that we can let our results speak for themselves. Add to this that our services are very affordable and we pay individual attention to every patient. All of these factors mean that we stand out from the competition.

It’s a strong belief of ours that LASIK surgery in Fort Worth should be reasonably priced for all of our local residents, and we can offer a number of finance programs with flexible payment plans to suit all budgets. Please feel free to contact us to discuss which LASIK financing payment plan is the right one for you.

Vision is widely regarded as our most valuable sense. Make sure you make the right choice when selecting which provider you want to conduct your laser eye surgery in Fort Worth.

LASIK in Fort Worth Tx

LASIK is the latest technology surgeons are using to correct astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Some people are quite content to wear glasses or contact lenses. Some people though, have been waiting for laser eye treatments to get to a more advanced stage, so that their everyday lives can be improved. For some, laser eye surgery has not yet reached the stage that they think is advanced enough, but the majority of people now think that LASIK surgery in Fort Worth is the right choice.

You may have always worn glasses and never even considered wearing contacts. Putting something onto the eyeball seems quite unpleasant to many people, however if you are a long term contact lens wearer who has started to think that this practice is something of a waste of money. You will probably have a pair of glasses that you have for emergencies but you rarely opt to use them. This is fine but what about another option? LASIK is a real alternative for those who want something different. LASIK eye surgery in Fort Worth can improve severe site problems. Drastic improvements can be made, if not perfect vision. Many consider wearing glasses or contacts to be quite inconvenient.

So what makes LASIK in Fort Worth Texas such a viable choice? Contrary to what people think, surgical procedures can actually be safer than non-surgical ones. There are a number of reasons why this is so, including:

People falling asleep in their lenses – People not turning up for routine eye exams – Elderly patients may struggle with certain routines – People not washing their hands properly.

Most types of lenses need to be maintained in a certain way and people fall out of their routine. Doctors cannot always be sure that people keeping up with their hygiene routines. After a LASIK procedure has been carried out, doctors will always be keen to book follow up appointments. Now might be the time to go ahead with eye surgery in Fort Worth if you have been indecisive in the past. Lenses might be OK for some, but corrective procedures can be better still.

LASIK can be a safer option if you tend to be a little forgetful regarding your contact lens hygiene. It can also be cheaper over the long term. Studies have proven LASIK procedures are in no way any more risky than wearing contact lenses, and may even be less risky. Lenses have been known to make vision worse by damaging the underlying cornea.

When thinking about LASIK surgery or cataract surgery in Fort Worth TX, you should consult with an eye care specialist who will inform you of your options and what you’re the best candidate for. You will be able to make an informed decision when you are aware of the pros and cons of each procedure. Fort Worth LASIK surgery is more suited to some patients and this can be determined by a physician. Any questions you have can be answered by a fully qualified eye care expert.

By Robert Warren