Privacy Policy

Your privacy rights will always be respected by our staff. The following text explains the manner in which we protect the privacy of users, and by browsing, accessing or acting upon the information in the website, you have read and fully understood the information contained here. This website can be viewed without giving any personal information, but if you wish to register or request any further information on any of our medical services, some personal information will need will need to be given.

Sometimes it’s necessary for our office staff, when trying to collect payment by a third party or collecting data for admin reasons, to disclose your financial or medical information. Your personal details may be disclosed to HMO’s and/or PPO’s, insurance companies, IPA’s, Medicare/Medicaid, or any organizations dealing with any of these entities. Medical records may be given to a primary care physician, who may be directly or indirectly responsible for the medical you have received, or the payment for this care.

The staff at our office will never disclose your medical or financial data for any reason other than those already stated, without your consent. You are able to reverse this consent at any time and you can request that certain limitations are placed on the usage of this data. The office does not have to agree to any request.

We have a legal obligation to respect your privacy and health information, to give you this Notice of Privacy Practices and to follow the terms stated. We also have the right to alter, change or update our privacy practices.