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What Patients Say:

  • "I knew I wanted it, but LASIK was always something that I feared, until I made an appointment with Cathy and Dr. Warren. Everyone was great and were happy to answer all my questions and concerns.  LASIK was such an quick and simple procedure and my results were fantastic.  Its been a real blessing to wake up first thing in the morning and be able to see perfectly without glasses or contacts.  Thank you guys so much for giving me back my vision!"

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  • "Very professional office staff, amazing doctor and a procedure that turned out to be much more simple than I initially thought! I couldn't believe it, I was seeing 20/20 the very next morning was back to work the next day. Overall a wonderful experience!"

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  • "I live a very active lifestyle and train in various types of martial arts. I looked into LASIK because contact lenses were making my training very difficult. After testing, Dr. Warren advised PRK for me. The procedure and recovery time was simple and I am completely happy I had it done when I did."

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  • "I absolutely love my results I achieved with LASIK. I live a very active lifestyle and have been dealing with glasses and contact trouble for years. LASIK has freed me from all of that and has dramatically changed my life for the better. The professionalism and courtesy that Dr. Warren and his staff upholds is second to none."

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  • "LASIK is simply AMAZING!  It was great to go through the procedure together. We really wish we did it years ago!"

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  • "I am a sports enthusiast and because of Dr. Warren and his experience, can finally enjoy sports without the need for glasses or contacts. I can’t thank Dr. Warren and his staff for their high level of professionalism and exceptional care before, during, and after my procedure. I can recommend Dr. Warren to anyone considering LASIK without hesitation."

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  • "After LASIK, my vision is better than I ever could have imagined. Dr. Warren and his entire staff were so friendly and helpful throughout the entire procedure. Based on my great results, I have been recommending LASIK to all of my friends, family, and coworkers. Love you guys!"

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  • "The thing I like best about Dr. Warren and his team is that the entire process was explained to me in a simple step-by-step process that made it very clear and easy to understand. They put my nerves at ease and made me feel very comfortable with the procedure because I was included on all decisions. My results were incredible, 20/12.5, thats better than 20/20! I would highly recommend Fort Worth LASIK Vision Center and Dr. Warren to anyone who is thinking about getting LASIK surgery. This was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life!"

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  • "I can’t believe it. I used to be practically blind, and now I can see everything only a day later. Thanks so much to Dr. Warren and his staff for everything you guys did!"

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LASIK Fort Worth

The Fort Worth LASIK Vision Center is home to LASIK and refractive and cataract surgery specialists that have decades of experience when it comes to helping patients reduce their dependence on corrective eye wear. Thanks to extraordinary advancements in eye surgeries over the last decade, you now have the opportunity to see lasting corrections to your vision beginning one day after a short 15-minute LASIK procedure.

Lasik Fort Worth

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

If you are considering undergoing LASIK eye surgery in Fort Worth, TX, you should certainly take the time to fully appreciate what this procedure entails. A typical LASIK Fort Worth surgery includes:

A Consultation – Your LASIK Fort Worth eye surgeon will first determine if you are an acceptable candidate for eye surgery, and can tell you what type of results may be expected for your personal situation.

The Surgery – The procedure itself is very simple, and generally only requires fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. During the surgery, a flap is created in your cornea, and a laser is used to gently reshape the inner cornea. This process can be used to correct most cases of common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Recovery – Patients are often amazed at how quick and painless the recovery phase of LASIK surgery can be. Most people are able to begin enjoying drastically improved vision, with little to no discomfort, as soon as one day after surgery.

Types of Laser Eye Surgery in Fort Worth, Texas

At the Fort Worth LASIK Vision Center, we appreciate that each individual will have his or her own vision challenges, and will require different laser eye treatments in order to achieve optimal results. This is why we offer a wide array of refractive eye treatments to address each unique situation.

  • Wavefront LASIK (Custom LASIK) – Wavefront LASIK is one of the most popular choices among eye surgeons, as it enables them to provide highly customized results for each patient. When utilizing this option, your Fort Worth LASIK eye surgeon will be provided with a 3D image of the cornea in order to correct even the most minor issues.
  • Bladeless LASIK – Just as the name suggests, this form of LASIK enables your eye surgeon to create a flap in the cornea using a laser instead of a blade. By using this advanced technology in order to correct the shape of the cornea, surgeons have been able to reduce the instances of eye surgery complications and improve results.
  • LASEK – This type of laser eye surgery is designed for individuals who are not suitable candidates for LASIK because their corneas are too thin. A trephine is used in order to cut the corneal flap, and enables for increased precision when dealing with the ultra delicate cornea. An alcohol-based solution is then used to loosen the epithelium so that the tissue below can be corrected.
  • Epi-LASIK – Epi-LASIK is a sometimes considered a combination of the LASIK and LASEK procedures and is often used to correct minor vision problems and myopia. A plastic blade is used to cut the cornea before the epithelial can be manipulated and corrected.
  • PRK – PRK is another Fort Worth laser eye surgery available to patients with thinner corneas. During PRK, instead of creating a flap on the cornea, an excimer laser is used to reshape the surface of the eye. This laser eye surgery can be used to correct many of the same vision problems as LASIK, but requires a slightly longer recovery period.
  • CK LASIK – CK LASIK, or conductive Keratoplasty, reshapes the cornea using radio waves and mild heat. This is a relatively new laser eye procedure in Fort Worth, and it is currently only considered suitable for individuals suffering from farsightedness.

The Top 5 Benefits of Fort Worth LASIK Eye Surgery

See Instant Improvement in Vision

When you decide to undergo LASIK eye surgery in Fort Worth, you will be amazed at how quickly your vision is transformed. The eye surgery only lasts about 15 minutes, and the change in vision is immediate. You will need to keep your eyes closed as much as possible during the first few hours after surgery to enable your corneal flap to heal, but the incredible results – including near perfect vision – of the procedure will be evident as early as the morning following surgery.

Ditch Glasses and Contact Lenses

A common priority among patients choosing laser eye surgery in Forth Worth is the ability to finally stop relying upon glasses or contact lenses. You can stop worrying about breaking your glasses or losing your contact lenses. Many people who undergo LASIK eye surgery enjoy results that are better than their glasses or contacts could ever achieve.

Save Money Over the Long-Term

LASIK surgery should be viewed as an important investment. While there may be a significant initial cost, many patients do not need any vision correcting tools for many years down the road. You may need a pair of reading glasses later in life, but until then, you save money by not having to order contact lenses or glasses, or buy contact lens solutions and cleansers.

Practically Pain Free Procedures

LASIK eye surgeries have very few risks and complications, and most patients experience little to no discomfort or pain. The eye area is numbed during the procedure, and the patient is given eye drops that keep the eyes comfortable and free of infection during the recovery process. The most common, and temporary, complaint individuals experience is a bit of dry eye immediately following the procedure.

Enjoy New Activities and Life Changing Experiences

The sooner you visit the Fort Worth LASIK Vision center, the sooner you can embark on your new life, free of your dependency on contact lenses or glasses. With clear and crisp vision, you will find yourself with increased self-confidence and the opportunity to try new activities. No longer will corrective eye wear keep you from swimming, cycling, horseback riding, or experiencing any other exciting activities. This innovative eye surgery may provide the self-improvement you need to transform your life and possibly even advance your career.

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By Robert Warren

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