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How Cataract Surgery Is Done

Although cataracts are certainly not an elective condition, the surgery to have them removed is most often elective. Some people feel they can live with the effects of cataracts and since they do not usually harm the actual eye, they choose to not do anything about them. Perhaps they are fearful of the unknown or medical procedures in general. So, when choosing whether to have Fort Worth cataract eye surgery, it is best to know what exactly the surgery entails in order to make an educated decision.

Cataract surgery in Fort Worth involves the removal of an eye lens infected with cataracts, a condition that causes blurred and cloudy vision. Once the lens is removed, it is replaced with an artificial lens and clearer vision is restored. This procedure should take no more than an hour and there are several ways in which to do it. A method called Phacoemulsification is the most common way cataract surgery is performed. With this method a thin ultrasound is inserted into the eye. The ultrasound vibrations are used to break up and dissolve the lens, and then suction the small fragments of the lens out of the eye before replacing it with the new artificial one. You will be given numbing drops so your eyes feel none of this, and possibly a mild sedation medicine. However, it will be mild enough so that you are awake for the entire surgery.

For more advanced cataracts, a method called Extracapsular cataract surgery is used. The cataracts have caused the lens to be too thick to break up before removal so a larger incision than normal has to be made and the lens is removed in one piece rather than in tiny pieces. Because the incision is larger, more stitches will be necessary, so the recovery time from this method is usually longer. The doctor may also ask patients to wear an eye patch after this type of Fort Worth cataract eye surgery.

Whichever method is used, cataract surgery is done on an outpatient basis usually in an ambulatory surgery center. Your vision will still be cloudy immediately following the procedure, so you will not be able to drive safely and will need a ride home.  You will also need to follow your doctor’s strict orders to achieve optimum healing, and this includes using post-op prescription eye drops. However, within weeks you will see significant visual improvement and know your decision to undergo cataract surgery was the right one.


Who Is At Risk for Cataracts?

Although cataracts are mostly found in the older population, there are certain members of this population who are more at risk for them than others. Specific diseases can put one in a high risk category, as can gender, racial and ethnic facts. Types of long-term lifestyles and heredity can also put one person at risk for cataracts more than another person.

Like many conditions, those who have a family history of cataracts are more likely to develop them as they grow older. If you can recall your grandmother wearing dark glasses for week after undergoing cataract surgery in Fort Worth, then the chances are higher that you will one day need this surgery as well.

Diabetes and obesity are also risk factors for developing cataracts. The two are sometimes interconnected since obesity issues can lead to diabetes. With a link between cataracts and high sugar levels, it would make sense for diabetics to be in a higher risk group than others. Diabetics are also in the rare group that is more likely to develop cataracts before their senior years. Fort Worth cataract surgery may be an option or even a necessity for diabetics before they reach the age of 60.

If someone suffers from an autoimmune disease that has put them dependent on the use of steroid medications, then there is more of a chance they may one day need Fort Worth cataract eye surgery. The most common autoimmune diseases whose treatments can lead to cataracts are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis.

As far as demographics, women are more likely to develop cataracts as they grow older than men are. Also, African-Americans seem to need cataract surgery more than Caucasians do and some feel it is because they are also in a higher risk factor for diabetes.

Lifestyle choices can also lead to cataracts. They include the decision to smoke cigarettes and drink excessive alcohol. Also, if you have been a sun worshipper all your life, you have an increased chance of needing cataract surgery in your later years. UV sunlight has adverse effects on other parts of the body as well, including the skin, so not exposing  yourself to excessive rays in hopes of a tan can save you from melanoma, as well as poor eyesight when you get older.

Even if some of these risk factors cannot be helped and you do develop cataracts, know that the surgery to remove them is quick and common, and usually results in few to no complications. Call us today for personalized help if your vision has been blurry and you think you fall into one of these high risk categories.



Average Cost of LASIK in Fort Worth

The prices for LASIK surgery have continuously increased over the years, and a lot of persons are unsure of the average charge for undergoing LASIK surgery. The climbing prices of LASIK are directly due to the increase in technology and the new forms of surgeries available now. As technology advances, prices change continuously. If you want to do LASIK surgery, your primary concern should not be the cost. You should however, be familiar with the present average cost of LASIK. Even though you may not wish to give much attention to its average costs, facilities where prices are offered far below average should be approached with caution. Consider the fact that you may just get your money’s worth.

The price of LASIK in Fort worth is based on the form of procedure that will be carried out. While there are some surgeries which are not as expensive as others, a few patents are not eligible for those less expensive surgeries because of their astigmatism or myopia level, or due to corneas that are very thin. To determine which form of LASIK surgery you are eligible for, consult with a private ophthalmologist.

The typical procedure for LASIK in which the upper layer of the cornea is slit and folded over with microkeratome blades, it is then shaped using excimer lasers. This normally costs 17 hundred dollars for each eye. The procedure for IntraLASIK, is quite similar to LASIK surgery, except for the fact that a laser for IntraLase is used to eliminate the cornea’s upper layer and not a microkeratome blade. The average cost for LASIK in the nation is about 2300 per eye.

Vision correction procedures using flapless techniques, also called surface abalation, include LASEK, Epi-LASIK, and PRK. Excimer lasers are still used in such procedures for shaping the cornea; however, finer blades are used get rid of epithelia cells fond on the cornea. Such procedures are normally done on patients with corneas that are very thin. This cost on average, 1750 dollars per eye.

Customized treatments for Wavefronts, including Wavefront IntraLASIK, Wavefront Flapless, and Wavefront LASIK, are usually more costly than the other types of LASIK procedures. This is as a result of Wavefront technologies used to customize the eye’s cornea prior to surgery. The average cost for Wavefront Flapless procedures is about 2000 dollars for each eye, $2050 for each eye for Wavefront LASIK, and $2400 dollars for each eye for procedures of Wavefront IntraLASIK.

Remember that the listed prices are just the average for the normal costs of such surgeries for vision correction. Added costs may be incurred for pre-operation exams, post-operation care, transportation, medications, and complications, as well as the astigmatism or myopia level to be corrected. Where the surgery will be taking place, may also add to additional costs for LASIK procedures.


Pros and Cos of LASIK vs Contact Lenses

Surgeons have for years debated about whether or not LASIK and procedures for surgery is more sensible for patients rather than contact lens. A lot of surgeons clearly believe that surgery using laser is quite safe and that it is a better option for many persons than contact lens. However, despite the increasing technological advances and the better results for those who undergo laser surgery, there is still one major fact – contact lenses aren’t as invasive as laser surgery. However, what makes it worthwhile?

Lasers versus Contacts

Many persons think laser surgery is not as safe as contact lenses as they use a non-invasive method for correcting vision. This is not always true, as laser surgery to the eye may really be safer for some patients than contacts, as stated by researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University Casey Eye Institute.

How is this possible? All surgeries have some amount of risks. Complications such as infections, dry eyes and over or under corrections are included in these risks. Luckily, technological advances have reduced the impact of such effects on the patients.

Patients are carefully screened in order to lessen the risk of severe side effects due to LASIK surgery. It is the obligation of the patients to get surgeons who are known for carrying out surgeries that are safe but effective.

However, risks are also involved the wearing of contact lens, although a lot of patients may not know this. For instance, a few patients have gotten infections that are quite serious as a result of wearing contact lenses for lengthened periods of time. In severe cases, loss of vision may be the end result of such infections – at times, even permanent loss of vision.

It can even be argued that loss of vision may also be experienced by patients who undergo LASIK surgery. However, loss of vision suffered by patients after Fort Worth laser eye surgery is extremely rare.

Nonetheless, contacts have been known to shift into the upper eye of people who wear contacts. They had to be removed physically by means of minor surgical procedures. Some persons are more vulnerable to such infections than are others. For instance, bad hygiene can help to develop infections and problems when wearing contacts.

This does not mean contact lenses aren’t a good option for a lot of patients. Many of them are not eligible for undergoing laser surgery. If managed properly, wearing contacts can be very safe. Many risks involved with the earlier and harder type of contacts are reduced with the newer type.

Learning about the two options from an optician is important for patients. Doctor and patient can discuss and decide on what is best – whether laser of LASIK surgery or contact lenses.

Nowadays, persons are wearing contact lenses more than ever before. Over twenty million persons presently wear contacts. Consult with your optician to decide if undergoing laser surgery is the better option for you.


How Getting LASIK in Fort Worth Can Save You Money in the Long Run

LASIK eye surgery has been around for quite some time now, and is now known as one of the most effective methods used to correct astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia. However, some insurance companies still consider LASIK surgery to be an elective surgery. It is not certain if insurance companies will eventually see this procedure as a practical way of correcting vision; however, for the time being a lot of persons have to figure out how they can pay for Fort Worth LASIK eye surgery.

There are a number of persons who are were willing to pay for the costs of the procedure out of pocket, because they were very happy with their results; however, if you are considering Fort Worth LASIK, you need to be aware of things such as: additional surgeries, follow-up visits, and even things that may go wrong. You may be able to afford the initial cost of the procedure, but it additional care is required you need to ensure that you will be able to afford that as well.

When thinking about the cost of Fort Worth LASIK eye surgery, you need to take into consideration that once the procedure is successful, it will completely eliminate your need for contact lenses or eyeglasses. You should never immediately write off a LASIK procedure because you think it is too expensive. Think about how much money you will be able to save in the long run. Try and calculate how much money you speech every year or traditional vision correction, and then you should compare it to an investment in Fort Worth LASIK eye surgery. You will most likely see that you are saving a lot of money in the long run, when you opt for the LASIK procedure.

The great thing about Fort Worth LASIK is that there are some surgeons that offer their clients different types of payment options; as such, you should find out this information when you see the surgery for your consultation visit. Some surgeons will ask you about your plans for paying for the procedure, and will offer you different types of financing options, if it is something that you need.

Another way in which you can finance your Fort Worth LASIK eye surgery is by getting a personal loan. Furthermore, there are several health insurance plans today that have HSAs (Health Savings Accounts). With an HAS, you will be able to take money from your account and pay for your LASIK eye procedure.


Benefits of LASIK Surgery in Fort Worth, TX

Today, there are approximately seventy-five percent of adults who require some type of vision correction. Not too long ago, contact lenses and glasses were the only methods that were used to fix vision problems. However, both contact lenses and glasses can be inconvenient at times, as they prevent you from participating in some of your favorite everyday activities. Many things have changed since the invention and the refinement of LASIK eye surgery. Listed below are just a few of the benefits of LASIK Fort Worth:

  • Convenience – A LASIK procedure is very fast, as it takes approximately five to ten minutes to complete one eye. There is also a quick healing process, and there are a number of patients that will experience changes immediately. Additionally, laser eye surgery Fort Worth can enhance your vision better than contact lenses or glasses. On average, the post-surgery vision is 20/40; however, there have been patients that have achieved a 20/20 vision after having the procedure. Whether you have astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness, LASIK Fort Worth will help to improve your vision. Additionally, the procedure can also improve basic functions such as depth perception, night vision and hand-eye coordination.
  • Help with the Practical Things of Life – There are some problems that are associated with contact lenses and eyeglasses that you will not experience when you have laser eye surgery Fort Worth. Smoke or dust can cause your contact lenses to become irritated; additionally, contacts can cause eye infections. Eyeglasses break easily, become dirty when they are in moist or dusty environments and they also limit peripheral vision. Furthermore, there are numerous sports where you will find it impossible to wear contact lenses or glasses. On the other hand, LASIK surgery makes it a lot easier to accomplish these everyday activities; therefore, you will be able to wake up in the night and go to the bathroom without problems, and you will even be able to engage in sports such as swimming.
  • You Can Save Money with LASIK Fort Worth – The money that you will spend on new prescriptions, appointments, contact lenses that are worn out and broken glasses will add up in no time. Additionally, the saline solution that you have to purchase for contact lenses is also expensive, and will cost you hundreds of dollars yearly. If you add it all up, it will most likely cost more than LASIK Fort Worth surgery.

Enhancing Your Vision with LASIK in Fort Worth

Laser vision correction is a surgical operation we perform in Fort Worth Texas, which can greatly enhance your overall visual acuity and completely eliminate the necessity to wear eyeglasses or contacts. This surgical technique is a life-changing technological breakthrough that has increased the quality of life for millions of men and women all over the world. There are many aspects to consider that you’ll need to take into account before undergoing the eye medical surgery and you also need to verify that you qualify as a patient for this surgical process. Most patients are accepted but there are a number of conditions that can disqualify you from being eligible for laser vision correction.

All interested patients must first qualify as candidates for laser vision correction and agree to accomplishing every one of the required steps before the surgical procedure. This article will list the most important requirements to be a good candidate for Laser vision correction in Fort Worth.

The majority of surgeons require their patients to be over the age of 18. This is a basic stipulation as you are permitted to sign your own contract for a surgical treatment without a mother or father’s consent. A Fort Worth Lasik doctor advised that the age requirement will also make sure that your eye sight has developed to the point where a medical procedure can take place without any complications due to future growth. These two criteria – patient age and eye maturity are two of the most important points each patient must have prior to the surgical treatment.

A Fort Worth LASIK expert advised that even though this surgery has a very high effectiveness, there are a few common risks related to the technique that must be completely understood by anyone considering the operation. After undergoing the Fort Worth LASIK surgery procedure, your eyes will likely be sensitive or irritated for a period of time. This typically does not last very long, but in rare cases this outcome can last for a longer time. There is also the risk of under or over correcting your vision to the degree that it results in the opposite problem from before the medical procedure.

It is critical you understand the risks associated with laser vision correction is a necessary step in becoming a possible laser vision correction candidate. When you fully understand all the possible risks, you are more informed and capable of making a wise decision.

You’ll also need to have a thorough consultation with a LASIK surgeon to discuss your long term vision goals. The surgeon will explain precisely how the entire operation works and what expectations you should have from the laser vision correction procedure. All doctors should perform a thorough examination of your eyesight at this time to see if you are suitable for the surgery.

Laser vision correction has given over 17 million people incredible eye sight, but it is important that the correct steps are taken to be certain you are a qualified candidate for Lasik.