White Settlement

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The name immediately brings up questions for people that aren’t acquainted with the City of White Settlement, Texas. Why “White Settlement”? Where did it come from?

In fact, the name of this town just west of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex comes from exactly the origin that it probably seems: In the early development of the region, this was the site of the European settlement (white settlement), which was near to the American Indian settlement just a short ways away. The name has drawn some controversy over the years, but efforts to change it (including in 2005) have thus far fallen short.

Instead, it’s White Settlement that offers 16,000 residents their home, as well as their easy path to the Metroplex and all that it offers. LASIK eye surgery is included in the many services available in the Metroplex, and White Settlement residents would do well to research LASIK eye surgery if they struggle with poor vision.

White Settlement is mostly a residential community, providing a quieter place of residence for employees of Fort Worth- and Dallas-based companies. The town also offers residents access to a handful of community parks, with jungle gyms for the younger kids and athletic fields for the older kids, among other amenities.

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Those that are willing to venture outside of White Settlement can head to nearby Lake Worth, which offers fishing, boating, and other activities on the water, in addition to miles of trails around the lake for biking and jogging.

While White Settlement is still largely the quiet community it always has been, residents of the town also have access to many important services, including LASIK eye surgery. LASIK eye surgery can put White Settlement into much clearer focus, so call your local eye care center to see how LASIK can help you.

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