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Watauga, Texas, is a small commuter town just north of Fort Worth. The town is modest in size, with just over 23,000 residents, and its gradual development through the post-World War II period has meant that Watauga has not seen some of the huge jumps in population and economic growth that some of the other towns in the region have seen.

Still, this small town provides a great location for North Texans to settle down and raise a family, as it lies just a short drive outside of Fort Worth and provides residents access to all of the services and amenities they might want in the big city, including LASIK eye surgery. LASIK eye surgery is one of the best ways to address poor vision, as it uses laser vision correction to clear up eyesight that has gotten blurrier over time.

The residents of Watauga appreciate the town for its small-town, suburban feel and excellent access to all of the cultural, recreational, and economic offerings of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It is also a short drive away from Arlington, which features the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers, and the City of Fort Worth is no slouch when it comes to providing opportunities for recreation for the whole family.

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On the economic front, Watauga is ideally situated, as the Metroplex has been one of the fastest growing (and economically stable) regions in the nation over the past several years. As the economy around the Dallas-Fort Worth area continues to thrive, residents of Watauga have plenty of access to good jobs and economic opportunities.

In addition, there are numerous eye care centers and other medical facilities in the area that can provide Watauga residents with the services they need, including LASIK eye surgery. LASIK can do wonders to clear up your vision, so call your local eye care center today.

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