University Park

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The home of Southern Methodist University, University Park, Texas, sits just north of Dallas and provides residents with one of the best residential areas in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

The town developed along with the university in the early part of the 20th century. Originally, University Park was just a small cluster of homes surrounding the college, which was founded in 1915, Later, the residents of the area attempted to have their property annexed by neighboring towns, but Highland Park and Dallas decided that extending resources that far north would be inefficient. As a result, the town incorporated itself in 1924, and a few decades later University Park had grown to approximately its present size.

Experienced LASIK University Park Eye Surgery Located in Texas

Residents of University Park appreciate the town for its diverse homes and also for its great location in the Metroplex. Included among the offerings for University Park residents are numerous eye care centers that can provide LASIK eye surgery services. LASIK eye surgery is a safe and effective way to address poor vision and can help University Park residents get a better view of their fine town.

One of University Park’s points of pride is the high level of education among its residents. With more than 70 percent of the population over 25 holding bachelor’s degrees, University Park is one of the most educated cities in the entire nation.

For recreation, the town is centrally located between Dallas, Plano, and the other active towns of the region, providing residents with plenty of opportunities in the area. Beyond recreation, the town’s location also facilitates easy access to important services like LASIK eye surgery. University Park residents deserve to be able to see their town clearly, and LASIK eye surgery can help.

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