Royse City

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Royse City is a small town at the eastern edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, but it might not be that way for long: Over the past decade, the population has increased by more than three times, and with plenty of open space in the area, there is likely more expansion to come.

Royse City developed along with the rest of North Texas just after Texas won its independence in the 1830s, and it has remained largely a country town ever since then. The Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad made its way through Royse City in the early part of the 20th century, helping it firm up its connections to Dallas and Greenville, although the town’s relative distance to Dallas and Garland has allowed it to keep its rural flavor over time.

Still, Royse City’s location makes it easy for residents to retain the town’s old-school character while still having access to important services like LASIK eye surgery. Laser vision correction is both safe and effective, and LASIK eye surgery can do wonders to clear up blurry vision. Royse City is about 30 miles from Dallas, and there are a number of eye care centers in other surrounding towns.

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Royse City’s location does not completely separate it from the rest of the area. Lake Ray Hubbard sits just a few miles away, on the far side of Rockwall, and residents frequently head to the lake for bass fishing and boating. In addition, Royse City expects further development along Interstate 30, which connects Rockwall and Greenville.

While residents of Royse City should continue to appreciate the town’s heritage, they also have access to more modern services like LASIK eye surgery. Residents that struggle with poor vision would do well to contact their local eye care centers for more information on LASIK eye surgery.

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