Mineral Wells

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The origin of the name of Mineral Wells, Texas, is no mystery: The town is named after the wells of mineral water that attracted so much attention for the community in the early part of the 20th century.

Today, Mineral Wells sits at the far western edge of the Fort Worth area, providing a comfortable home for its 17,000 residents. Mineral Wells may be a bit disconnected from the Metroplex, but the community still offers access to services like LASIK eye surgery, which can do wonders for residents who want to clear up their blurry vision. There are multiple eye care centers in the area that can provide LASIK eye surgery, which is a safe and effective way to bring Mineral Wells into better focus.

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Even decades after its heyday, the town is still a sight worth seeing. When the first settlers moved to Mineral Wells, there was no source of water for miles around. That’s why they first dug the wells, which turned out to provide delicious-tasting water with minerals that could contribute to good health.

Word of the mineral water in Mineral Wells spread quickly, and soon it developed into a bustling little town, with the Baker Hotel serving as the town’s centerpiece. Celebrities like Clark Gable and Judy Garland came to enjoy the mineral water, helping put this small town on the map.

Mineral Wells still celebrates its long history, but the Baker Hotel is closed, along with most of the water companies. You can still grab a tall, cool glass of Mineral Wells water, though, by visiting the Famous Mineral Water Company’s bar.

Residents of Mineral Wells that struggle with LASIK eye surgery would do well to learn more about laser vision correction. Give your eyes a break, and call your local eye care center today.

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