Flower Mound

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Flower Mound, Texas, sits just above Grapevine Lake north of Dallas, and it offers residents a unique combination of natural resources and access to urban services like LASIK eye surgery.

Flower Mound derives its name from an actual hill in the town (typically called “The Mound”) which first attracted settlers to the area and continues to be covered by a variety of wildflowers in the spring.

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The early stages of Flower Mound weren’t quite as successful as the town is now. After incorporation in the 1960s, Flower Mound residents proposed the development of a planned community in the area, but the proposal wound up falling short.

Soon, the fortune of the town would change. In 1974, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport opened just on the other side of Grapevine Lake, presenting Flower Mound with access to large amounts of people looking to settle down in the area. A population of around 4,000 in 1980 grew to about 50,000 by 2000, as Flower Mound presents an ideal combination of rural living with urban services like LASIK eye surgery in Dallas and the airport in nearby Grapevine.

The Town of Flower Mound is mostly known for its natural features. In addition to the mound itself, the town oversees 54 public parks, in addition to 33 miles of trails for hiking and biking. Beyond that, Flower Mound is on the north shore of Grapevine Lake, giving residents access to fishing, boating, and other water sports.

Residents of Flower Mound deserve to appreciate the town in all of its natural beauty, and LASIK eye surgery can effectively brighten up their view. Flower Mound residents dealing with poor eyesight should contact their local eye care center to find out how LASIK eye surgery can benefit them.

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