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Duncanville sits in the southwest corner of Dallas, offering residents a nice suburban setting while putting urban life within easy reach. Duncanville itself is very near to the center of Dallas, but its location on the far side of Oak Cliff and Cedar Crest allows the town to retain a relaxed, suburban feel even with the city so close. Modern services like LASIK eye surgery are easily accessible, and many residents can benefit from consulting their local eye care center about laser vision correction in the area.

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Duncanville first developed along with many of the other towns in the area in the 1840s, with the arrival of the train line. Duncanville would remain a fairly quiet town until the next century and the coming of World War II.

During that period, Duncanville transformed into a major base for military aviation activities. The Army Air Corps established an aircraft training facility in the heart of Duncanville, and in the period after the war, that facility developed into the Duncanville Air Force Station. This quiet town was, during the period from the late 1940s to the 1970s, the site of the missile launch sites that guarded the entire Metroplex from Russian attacks.

Today, there are only a few remains of the military’s presence in Duncanville, although the town continues to celebrate its heritage as a Main Street City. In addition to these offerings, Duncanville’s location makes it easy for residents to access important services like LASIK eye surgery. Laser vision correction can be extremely helpful for bringing Duncanville into greater clarify, and LASIK eye surgery is available from the many medical facilities in the area, such as the Methodist Charlton Medical Center. Duncanville residents have access to these services and infinite more from their comfortable suburban spot away from Dallas.

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