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To give you an idea of how large the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex truly is, consider the fact that Denton, Texas, a city of 113,000 people, is the 11th-largest city in the Metroplex area.

One of the most active cities in the area, Denton has undergone significant growth over the past few years, although its real growth started around the turn of the last century, when the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University opened in Denton. Those developments set Denton on its current course as a unique feature of the Metroplex area.

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While some call it a college town, Denton also provides full support to its non-student residents, including medical services like LASIK eye surgery. The town features access to several eye care centers that offer laser vision correction, in addition to a variety of other service facilities for Denton’s permanent population.

The town is known for its cultural and artistic offerings, as the city hosts a number of annual events in these areas. Included in them are the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo, along with the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, which together attract several hundred thousand visitors each year.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Denton is located in such a favorable location near the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. The population of the town saw a jump after the airport opened in 1974, making Denton an ideal spot for businesses. Today, companies like Jostens and Sally Beauty Company make their headquarters in the Denton.

Residents of Denton that struggle with vision should strongly consider LASIK eye surgery. Laser vision correction can do wonders for your view of the world, so call about LASIK eye surgery in the Denton area today.

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