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Emerging out of the northwest part of Dallas is Carrollton, Texas, a small city that has developed into one of the best places to live in the United States. That’s according to parties like Money Magazine and Relocate America, and looking at the services offered to Carrollton residents, it’s no surprise. The town is small enough to keep from overwhelming its residents with urban environs, but it is also large enough to offer a huge range of services, including LASIK eye surgery.

Carrollton (which residents believe got its name from the original settlers in the area, who came from Carrollton, Illinois) is now home to several hundred businesses, who appreciate the town for its proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and for its business-friendly taxes. Carrollton residents have access to old-school businesses in the historic town square, but there are also several large employers in the area, including many that call Carrollton home. FASTSIGNS International, Heelys, and Jokari keep their headquarters in Carrollton, and Halliburton centers its Easywell operations in the town, employing over 1300 workers.

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It’s not all business for Carrollton residents, though. The town is also home to Baylor Medical Center, which provides full medical care, including options for LASIK eye surgery. As for recreation, Carrollton residents have easy access to all of the offerings of the Dallas area, including the many recreational opportunities in nearby Arlington, not to mention a town square that is rich in retail options.

Residents of Carrollton deserve to view their fine town clearly, and LASIK eye surgery can help. Instead of walking through a haze all the time, contact your local eye care center for more info on LASIK eye surgery. It can do wonders to help you enjoy Carrollton to the fullest.

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