Dr. Robert Warren is an ophthalmologist currently employed at the Fort Worth LASIK Vision Center. Dr. Warren’s expertise lies in LASIK surgery as well as no-stitch cataract surgery. Dr. Warren attended medical school at The University of Texas Medical Branch, and graduated in 2000. He has since been improving the lives of patients through surgical operations employed by Ophthalmologist Associates for over twelve years.

Though Dr. Warren certainly could not be the ophthalmologist he is today without his extensive background, his greatest asset is to make patients comfortable. Dr. Warren’s ability to relax his patients is invaluable because of the numerous operations he performs while his patient is conscious. The eye is the most sensitive, exposed area on the body, meaning even the tiniest touch can induce a strong reaction. Go over to a sink and try to splash some water in your eye. You’ll notice that it’s very hard to avoid blinking. This subconscious reaction is the same force Dr. Warren and every other ophthalmologist surgeon has to overcome. The difference between Dr. Warren and most ophthalmologists is that Dr. Warren is able to relax your mind, despite the anxiety caused by a surgical procedure, and is able to help shut down your “animal reflex” enough so that you are nearly completely unaware that anything is going in or near your eye. That’s the magic of Dr. Warren.

Dr. Warren’s professional ability is truly outstanding, but his patients are always pleasantly surprised at Dr. Warren’s knack for making patients comfortable with the procedure even before the patient steps into the operating room. Dr. Warren is renown for his friendly nature. Many have even complemented him on the “family atmosphere” present in his office. Dr. Warren is one of the best LASIK eye surgeons in Fort Worth Texas: he prepares you before the operation, and then eases your anxiety during the operation, allowing for a successful procedure more often.

Like every great doctor, Dr. Warren insists that there is always more to learn about his field. Dr. Warren strives to improve upon himself by attending seminars at ophthalmologists’ clubs. He currently belongs to over five associations including American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Dr. Warren has been making a positive difference in our community at the Fort Worth LASIK Vision Center since 2000; we hope he can make a positive difference in your life as well. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Warren at one of the Fort Worth LASIK Vision Centers five convenient locations.

You can visit Dr. Robert Warren online at Google+