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Benbrook, Texas, is located on the southwest edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, with a location that combines rural and natural features with access to urban services, including facilities offering LASIK eye surgery.

Benbrook was settled in the 1840s, but it wasn’t until the 1940s that the town incorporated. Today, it offers residents a nice place to raise their families, as it includes natural resources like Benbrook Lake and access to all of the offerings of the big city in Fort Worth, such as laser vision correction.

The small town of just over 21,000 residents includes some of the nicest developed parks in the area, with four different parks providing residents with over 120 acres of area to play sports, have picnics, and enjoy the outdoors. Benbrook is also home to Benbrook Lake, which is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers but offers recreational opportunities to visitors and local residents. Visitors to Benbrook Lake can fish and boat, in addition to participating in various water sports and camping activities around the lake.

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For the past half century, Benbrook has also been a dry community. Soon after the town was incorporated (in 1949), the residents of Benbrook decided to make the sale of alcohol illegal within the town’s boundaries. Today, Benbrook businesses are allowed to sell beer, but it can only be for off-site consumption.

Benbrook’s location at the edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth urban area provides residents with access to both suburban living and the urban amenities they need, like medical services. LASIK eye surgery can be tremendously helpful for those struggling with vision. Benbrook residents would do well to contact their local eye care centers to find out more about how LASIK eye surgery can bring the town’s natural features into brighter clarity.

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