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Addison, Texas, truly combines small-town living with big-city opportunities. The small town is home to just 14,000 residents but regularly hosts many more, and, as such, has access to numerous services, including LASIK eye surgery. If you live in or around Addison, you can contact your local eye care center today to learn more about laser vision correction.

On paper, Addison is a quiet town that serves as a nice place to raise a family, with 3,000 families among the town’s population. However, over the past three decades, Addison has morphed into a bustling business community, hosting an estimated 100,000 people during the day.

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The reasons are many: First, Addison is one of the few cities in the region that allows restaurants to hold liquor licenses. That is one of the reasons that Addison is home 170 different restaurants (that’s about one for every 80 residents of the city) and 22 hotels. Those facilities include 4,000 hotel meeting rooms, making Addison an ideal place to do business, and the town’s location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area provide it with easy access to medical services like LASIK eye surgery. And, if those facilities aren’t enough, the town is also home to one of the largest general aviation airports in the country.

To top it off, Addison offers a number of recreational opportunities, with events going on through most of the year. The University of North Texas hosts its annual Jazz Fest in Addison, in addition to Taste Addison, Addison Artfest, and an Oktoberfest.

Residents of Addison can enjoy all of these offerings along with public service options to support family living. If you are struggling with poor vision, you can contact one of the medical centers in the Addison area about LASIK eye surgery, a laser vision correction procedure that can change the way you see Addison.

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