Prepping for Undergoing Fort Worth LASIK Surgery

Prepping for Undergoing Fort Worth LASIK Surgery

Preparing for LASIK surgery is of the utmost importance. The first thing you will do is undergo a thorough examination to learn if you are an ideal candidate for Fort Worth LASIK eye surgery. Once it has been determined that you are, you will be well on your way to becoming glasses and contact lenses-free forever, boosting your self-esteem along with your vision. This is why it is imperative that you follow your doctor’s pre-op instructions religiously.

At the initial consultation and examination, your Forth Worth LASIK doctor will tell you what the surgery involves and also give you prescriptions to fill. One will be for artificial tears to help combat dry eye and the other will be for antibiotic drops to help ensure your eyes do not become infected. Fill these before the surgery date, so they are ready and waiting for you to use the day of your procedure. You will also be asked not to wear your contact lenses for several weeks leading up to your surgery date. This means you will have to rely on that set of glasses contact lens wearers have around for emergencies. You may not like this, but it is well worth it for not having to rely on glasses or contacts again once LASIK in Fort Worth has been performed.

In the days leading up to your LASIK Fort Worth surgery, you will be asked to not wear any eye makeup or other cosmetic products near the eye. They can cause debris and make it much more difficult for your surgeon to perform the procedure, and can also possibly lead to infection after LASIK. And, finally comes the day of the surgery. Make sure you have arranged for a ride to and from the surgical center, as your vision will be quite blurry after and it will not be safe for you to drive. Also, do not wear any jewelry, especially necklaces as this can affect the way your head rests under the laser. You want your head to lay as naturally as possible for the LASIK surgery in Fort Worth to be performed correctly. You may also be offered a valium by your doctor prior to the surgery if you have high anxiety and are worried about both during the procedure and the outcome.

Following these instructions is an absolute must. LASIK surgery may be a quick outpatient procedure, but your eyes are delicate organs and taking care of them correctly at all times is the best thing you can do for yourself.

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